Have a Facebook Account? Please Take 5 minutes to explain in 200 words or less why Sun Auto should award it’s “Pay It Forward” 12 passenger van giveaway to Vanderkamp! 

Visit Sun Auto’s website to learn details:

Click Image to Download

We are permitted to include pictures so we thought it would be fun to bring back our 2015 summer kamp shirt design of Jesus driving a Vanderkamp van! Click the image of the van above to download a JPEG of the van that you can color and add to your submission. I did this in Windows Accessories… Paint in just a couple of minutes. I left the van white because the van being donated is white… but it’s up to you… go crazy and have FUN! Of course, if you don’t have the time… Just submit your entry without the picture. That’s far more important!

We have wanted a van for some time but given our competing facility needs have not been able to shift our fundraising efforts. My son works at Sun Auto and I put a bug in his ear to find us an affordable van… he sent me a Facebook message with the above address and said, “Here you go Mom.” I asked if we could have multiple people submit on our behalf and he said “Sure.” So here’s our chance…

Please, please, please help us do this! We really need a passenger van for transporting kampers to and from Stable Club, for our out-of-kamp trips (both day trips and overnight). Our summer programming is limited by our ability to safely transport a group of kampers. Rentals are expensive. Vanderkamp only owns one heavily used and abused (if you take my meaning) pick-up truck that we use primarily for maintenance. Our policies prohibit transportation of kampers in personal vehicles.

The rest of the year, a van would greatly help us move forward with the many Vanderkamp Kares community initiatives we are working on:

  • A Child Shall Lead Them Preschool (beginning this fall)
  • Before, After, and Out of School Kare (beginning this fall)
  • Bringing Back a Daykamp in 2018

We’ve measured our drive at 1/3 of a mile. It is considered a private road so school buses won’t come down it to pick-up and drop-off students. If we had a heated or cooled van… as the need may be to meet the school bus at Martin Rd. that would help us recruit families to participate. While physical activity can be a good thing… well you all remember the stories about walking uphill in both directions to and from school in blizzards. These days… no child would do it… and no parent would let them. Times change and we need to change with them.

Vanderkamp is located in a predominately lower income, rural corner where Oswego and Oneida Counties meet. The ability to bring seniors and families with children to Vanderkamp for programs and services would really help our efforts to revitalize Vanderkamp’s ministry weekdays outside of the summer kamp season!

If you have any questions or problems, please give us a call: (315) 675-3651 or email us at

Thank you and God Bless you for your continued support of Vanderkamp’s ministry!


Bill & Penny James

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