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Frequently Asked Questions: Summer Kamp

Q. What savings do you offer for kamp?

A. We offer multiple session, multiple sibling and bring a NEW friend savings (approximately $20 per youth/per session). These savings cannot be combined. Only Early Bird Savings (payment in full by midnight April 30, 2018) can be combined with one of the aforementioned savings opportunities (approximately $20 per youth/per session). A few years back our board of directors decided to change savings from a dollar value to a percentage so savings would be greater for Explorer Kamp: Adventure and Youth Leadership Development programs. Each savings opportunity is 5% of the kamp registration cost. Unlike many other summer camps, Vanderkamp offers these savings on each of the multiple sessions, multiple siblings, or friends.

Q. What qualifies as a “New” Friend to receive this savings opportunity?

A. A recent Vanderkamper (within past two years) brings a youth or young adult who has never attended Vanderkamp before. Both kampers would receive the savings benefit.

Q. Why do you avoid use of the term “discount?”

A. Our Vanderkampers will tell you that we have a “no discount” policy, which refers to never devaluing another person by saying something hurtful or treating them unkindly. We are all equally valued as the unique individuals that we are. We believe this concept applies equally to kamp as a whole. We believe in the quality and value of our summer programs… so why would we devalue them?

Q. What does it cost to send my youth to kamp?

A. The bottom line is this… Vanderkamp’s policy is to never turn a youth or young adult away due to an inability to pay nor must any family bear the indignity of proving their need. So… the cost of kamp is what a family and their church or any other sponsoring organization can contribute. Vanderkamp fundraises throughout the year to provide kampership assistance to those families who need it.


Q. What is the registration fee for kamp?

A. $425.00 for Uniquely Vanderkamp, Outrageous, and Free to Be You and Me sessions. $640.00 for LIT I, LIT II, and CIT (Note: These are 2 week sessions.) $460.00 for Explorer Kamp: Adventure

Q. I’ve heard people talk about the “true cost” of kamp. What does that mean?

A. There are direct costs (staff, food, utilities) associated with every kampers experience. There are also overhead costs associated with every kamper’s experience (maintenance, overhead, program equipment). The true cost of kamp takes both of these types of expenses into account. We estimate the true cost of a kamper to be approximately $675.00 per session (with the exclusion of programs that involve out of kamp trips and unique expenses). We believe most families could not afford to pay the true cost of kamp so we work very hard to keep our costs down and charge only to cover direct expenses.

Q. How do I apply for Kampership assistance for my youth or young adult?

A. During the registration process, complete the Kampership Request form.

Q. Do I need to have a church or sponsoring organization contribution to be eligible for kampership assistance?

A. No.

Q. Do you give 100% kamperships?

A. No. We believe that every family should take pride and ownership in helping send their youth or young adult to kamp.

Q. What if you run out of kampership funds?

A. We will always do our best to accomodate every youth and young adult who wants to attend kamp. If our existing kampership fund were to be depleted, we would do additional fundraising.

Q. Will my youth or young adult feel out of place at a Christian kamp session if they don’t attend church regularly… or ever?

A. Not at all for our Uniquely Vanderkamp, Outrageous Kamp, or Explorer Kamp: Adventure programs. . All youth and young adults are accepted for who they are and where they are on their faith journeys. All we ask is that they be open to learning about the Christian faith and participate in Bible study and worship in ways that are comfortable and meaningful for them. Our Youth Leadership Development programs are heavily rooted in scripture… but it would depend on the individual if they were uncomfortable being perhaps somewhat less familiar than their peers.

Q. I heard you offer Communion during Christian kamp sessions but I do not believe my youth or young adult is ready for this experience. Do they have to take Communion?

A. No. Communion is voluntary and done in a manner that does not draw attention to youth or young adults who decline.

Q. My family is not Christian but my youth or young adult is interested in one of your Christian kamps. Can he or she attend?

A. Absolutely!  All we ask is that they be open to learning about the Christian faith and participate in Bible study and worship in ways that are comfortable and meaningful for them… which can be just observing and asking questions or sharing comparisons with their faith beliefs and traditions.

Q. I understand that you provide bedding for kampers but my youth or young adult cannot sleep without their special (fill in the blank: blanket, pillow, stuffed animal). Can he or she bring it?

A. Yes. However, no personal bedding or stuffed animals should be taken into the lodges. Call or email the office to make arrangements to turn the item in at check-in. Staff will run the item through a hot dryer for one hour and deliver the item to the kamper that evening.

Q. Why don’t you allow kampers to bring personal bedding into the lodges?

A. Several years ago Vanderkamp was hit with bed bugs, which were very expensive to eradicate through the use of harsh chemical treatments throughout all of our lodges. So now Vanderkamp contracts with a commercial linen service to provide all bedding, towels and washcloths for kampers and overnight rental guests. We also spray pillow covers and mattress covers with an H1N1 hospital grade antiseptic between kamps to reduce the likelihood of communicable disease or parasite transmission. Your kamper’s health, wellbeing, and comfort are a top priority at Vanderkamp! We want their experience to be a positive one!

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