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Rental Policies


Please Note Policy Changes Effective June 1, 2016

Vanderkamp Group Facility Rental Policies

Reviewed and Approved by ECA Board of Directors 4/22/2016

Deposits, Payments & Charges
1. To secure your rental, group leader must sign page 2 and return entire contract, along with the indicated deposit
(30% of total due) to Vanderkamp. Deposit amounts and due dates are not negotiable. Reservations unsecured by a deposit will not be honored.

2. The date this contract was issued appears at the bottom of page 2. Your requested arrival date appears in the rental details on page 3. This contract is valid for a limited time unless secured by the receipt of your deposit at Vanderkamp within the following timeframe:
a. Contracts dated at least 90 days prior to arrival date, expire within 30 days of issuance.
b. Contracts dated 46 to 89 days prior to arrival date, expire within 14 days of issuance.
c. Contracts dated 22 to 45 days prior to arrival date, expire within 2 days of issuance unless deposit paid by credit card.
d. Contracts dated up to 21 days prior to arrival date, expire if full payment by credit card not made within 2 days of issuance. This pertains to rentals of cabins, tent sites, and meeting spaces only as lodge rentals must be made at least 21 days in advance.

3. The final balance (less deposit paid) must be received by Vanderkamp at least 14 days prior to arrival for contracts dated 22 or more days prior to scheduled arrival. Cash, checks, and major credit cards accepted.

4. Group leader is responsible for collecting payments from members. Vanderkamp will not accept payments from
multiple individuals for either the deposit or the balance.

5. Deposits returned without the rental contract or with an unsigned contract will be regarded as signed.

6. Vanderkamp assumes no responsibility for any accident or loss of property during your stay. Our insurance company requires a Certificate of Liability naming Vanderkamp as an additional insured on your policy. This form must be received at Vanderkamp at least 14 days prior to your group’s arrival. If a family group, this would be covered under the umbrella policy of your homeowner’s insurance. Contact your/your organization’s insurance agent and request that this form be faxed or mailed directly to Vanderkamp. Note: Church secretaries are generally familiar with this procedure and can be a great resource in facilitating this process.

7. Charges for lodging or facility use (e.g., meeting spaces) are based on a flat rate, including linen fee, regardless of the number of people attending. Linen fee for bedding and bath towels included only in 1st night rental charges. Occupancy in excess of the maximum per building or space is not permitted. Personal linens, cots & aero beds not permitted. Permission and terms for use of personally owned infant beds (e.g., pack-n-play, crib, bassinet) must be approved by Vanderkamp and appear in writing as part of the formal rental contract. Additional fees apply.

8. Charges for dining services are per person, per meal. Groups purchasing dining services must provide the number of diners at least 14 days prior to their group’s arrival. This number applies to all scheduled meals unless otherwise approved by Vanderkamp as specified in this contract (e.g., additional day use guests). Additional charges apply if the actual number of diners served exceeds the number provided and are due prior to the group’s departure. While we work with groups to accommodate food restrictions of guests (e.g., food allergies or vegetarians), only groups renting the entire facility may request custom menus. Additional fees apply to custom menu planning and per person costs for each meal.

9. Any additional charges assessed for damages to facilities, grounds, or equipment, beyond normal wear and tear, or conditions requiring additional housekeeping resulting from any member of your group will be billed within 10 days of the group’s departure and are due upon receipt.

10. Other fee-based items that must appear in your contract, if applicable, include:
a. Lifeguard(s) for use of waterfront (swimming or boating) by any members of your group. Availability and fees vary as they are set by the lifeguards for provision of their services.
b. Additional bundles of campfire wood are available for $5 each; the first is included with your rental. All firewood must be provided by Vanderkamp.
c. Exclusive use of meeting spaces or lodges requires paid rental.
d. Ropes course use permitted only as paid program provided by authorized Vanderkamp facilitators. Fees vary based on type and duration of program as well as number of participants.
e. A $10 per dog fee is charged to cover additional housekeeping expenses. A current rabies certificate must also be received by Vanderkamp at least 14 days prior to group’s arrival for each dog.
f. Vanderkamp has audio-visual equipment available for rent including projectors and sound systems. These items must be signed in/out at the office. Damage or failure to return will result in additional fees due prior to departure.
g. Set-up, tear-down, movement or rearrangement of furniture by Vanderkamp staff or their representatives may require an additional fee. Amount varies depending upon services requested.
h. Additional fees may apply if the group requests to drop off or pick up personal or group property or have deliveries made to Vanderkamp outside of paid rental dates. This includes decorations or food for a wedding or special event. Long-term storage is not permitted.
i. Extended stay (e.g., early arrival or late departure) must be approved at time of contract and will be charged at $25 per meeting space or lodge/per hour up to maximum of 4 hours per day.
j. Under extreme circumstances, restricted to situations where non-use of personal linens (e.g., sheet, blanket, stuffed animal) would be detrimental to a guest’s physical, psychological, or emotional wellbeing (e.g., child or adult with diagnosed disability or condition resulting in specialized needs), Vanderkamp may approve processing on-site by Vanderkamp staff prior to use. Additional fees apply.

Cancellations and Changes
1. The group may cancel this reservation up to 90 days prior to the scheduled arrival and receive a refund of 50% of deposit paid.

2. If the group cancels less than 90 days prior to scheduled arrival, the deposit is non-refundable.

3. Groups contracted to rent multiple lodges may cancel 1 lodge or meeting space by contacting Vanderkamp at least 30 days prior to their scheduled arrival. The group will forfeit their deposit (30% of contracted rental fees for that lodge or space) but will not be responsible for the balance shown on the original contract. If the group has paid rental in full, Vanderkamp will refund the remaining 70% of rental fees for that lodge or space.

4. Vanderkamp reserves the right to cancel this contract without refund if group violates the terms and conditions of
this Group Facility Rental Contract or Vanderkamp’s Group Rental Policies.

5. Vanderkamp reserves the right to cancel this contract in the event of extenuating circumstances or facility/
maintenance problems. Fees will be adjusted if group is reassigned to less expensive lodging or meeting spaces. If Vanderkamp cancels rental prior to group’s scheduled arrival, all rental fees including the deposit will be refunded. If reservation is disrupted, group will be refunded for unused rental time for affected spaces.

6. Vanderkamp reserves the right to change the conditions of the Group Facility Rental Contract and Vanderkamp’s
Group Rental Policies at any time. Your group will be notified in writing of any changes that apply to your rental.

Downloadable Vanderkamp Group Facility Rental Policies

Vanderkamp Group Rental Policies

General Policies
1. Group leaders are required to share Vanderkamp’s Group Facility Rental and Group Rental Policies with all members of their group prior to arrival. All members of the group must agree to respect and abide by these terms and policies.

2. Group leaders must provide a copy of the group’s schedule, including locations (e.g., Fellowship Hall) at least 14 days prior to arrival. Revised schedules may be submitted by group leader or designee at check in.

3. Vanderkamp staff may enter lodging at any time for purposes of checking in with guests, housekeeping, or requested maintenance. Staff will always knock and verbally acclaim their presence upon entering a lodge, or before entering a private space (e.g., bedroom or bathroom). If you are unsure someone is a Vanderkamp staff member, please call the office immediately (Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm) or the Executive Director’s cell phones listed in lodges outside of those days and times. As a courtesy, whenever possible we will give you advance notice. We will also attempt to schedule routine housekeeping and facility checks to times when your group is otherwise engaged in other areas of kamp (e.g., meals).

4. Please be considerate of other guests and groups as you use the facility. Do not enter spaces reserved by other groups. Unreserved meeting spaces are available to all groups and guests in residence. No group may claim exclusive use unless they have reserved and paid for that space.

5. Every group (both returning and new) will participate in an orientation to be scheduled in advance of the group’s
arrival that will occur as soon as possible once the majority of the group, or the group’s leadership team, has arrived. This orientation will include a brief review of facility policies and procedures, notifications of any special circumstances or safety considerations (e.g., other groups on-site, trails closed due to hazardous conditions), and allow the group to have their questions answered ensuring a better experience for all. The group leader will be responsible for sharing the contents of the orientation with any group members that were absent.

6. Every group is required to provide a roster, no later than at scheduled orientation, of where members of their group are sleeping. This roster to be used exclusively for use in the event of a fire or other emergency. The roster need only provide first names (Please add last initial if necessary to distinctly identify individual group members.) and identification of any group members that are infants, children, or persons with disability by room number, by lodge. This is essential for fire fighters and other emergency personnel to verify whether all members of your group are accounted for and where those who are not may be in need of rescue or assistance.

7. Quiet time is between 10 PM and 8 AM. Noise should not be heard outside of buildings.

8. Youth groups and family groups must provide adequate direct supervision of youth at all times. We recommend a
ratio of one adult per six youth.

9. The bell is not for group use. It can be rung, if requested, twice to call group members to the Commons for scheduled meal times which are 8:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 5:30 PM. Otherwise the bell sounding indicates an emergency on the grounds and groups should report to the lawn by the gazebo. Only groups reserving the entire facility may request alternate meal times.

10. Smoking is not permitted inside or within 25 feet of any building or structure.

11. Alcoholic beverage consumption is permitted in moderation by those of legal age. Intoxication will not be tolerated. Drinking is restricted to rented lodges and meeting spaces. Alcohol is not permitted at the waterfront.

12. Illegal drugs, firearms, fireworks, open flames (e.g., candles) and weapons are prohibited.

Arrival and Departure
1. Unless other arrangements are made prior to scheduled arrival, check-in for lodging is 4 PM and check-out is 11 AM. Groups are welcome to remain as day users on the grounds. Additional charges may apply for extensions of lodge or meeting space use.

2. The group leader, or their appointed designee, is required to check in at the main office, located in the Commons Building, upon the group’s initial arrival. Provided the group has complied with terms of the rental including having made full payment and provided Certificate of Liability insurance in accordance with terms of Group Facility Rental Contract, other guests may report directly to lodging to unload. If the group failed to comply with the terms of the Group Facility Rental Contract prior to their arrival, no member of the group may unload until the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of Vanderkamp and its representatives.

3. Groups are expected to clean up prior to their departure. Please reset furniture; gather all trash and recycling in kitchen receptacles from throughout lodging; wipe up, sweep, or vacuum any spills; wash used dishes; and pile sheets, blankets and pillowcases (used and unused) in main living area. Pick up and reset meeting spaces. We have one part-time housekeeper. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

4. Group leaders are generally not required to check out at the office unless requested, there is a need to sign in rented or borrowed equipment, or pay additional fees that arose during the rental (e.g., additional diners not accounted for in contracted number).

Personal Vehicles
1. Guests may drive only on established roads or detours designated and visibly marked by Vanderkamp staff.

2. Guests may drive to lodges to load and unload but must park in designated locations. No vehicles may be parked in fire lanes.

3. Guest vehicles should never drive or park on the grass unless instructed by Vanderkamp staff (e.g., detour or special event parking).

4. Guests are not permitted to remove or move barriers from the roads or parking areas, temporary or permanent.

1. Fires are permitted only in designated fireplaces and fire circles.

2. Frank Lodge has the only functional indoor fireplace and outdoor fire ring at the lodges. All six cabins have a private fire ring. Other lodges may use the outdoor fire rings located by the Commons or at the Outdoor Chapel.

3. One bundle of firewood is provided per lodge upon request—please specify desire to have a fire at the time of contract and include in your group’s schedule.

4. Additional bundles may be purchased at $5 each.

5. Cutting of trees or bringing firewood from outside the facility is prohibited to protect Vanderkamp’s forest from insects, parasites, and disease (e.g., Emerald Ash Borer).

6. Outdoor fires are not permitted during local fire bans (e.g., dry season during early spring).

1. All guests utilizing lodges will be provided twin and double beds (number and configuration varies by lodge and is subject to change) with mattresses encased in mattress covers, fitted sheet, top/flat sheet, pillow w/ pillow cover & pillow case (2 for double bed), and 2 blankets per bed (1 thermal & 1 cotton); 1 bath towel per bed (2 per double bed), and 1 bath mat per shower and/or tub.

2. Guests may rent additional blankets upon request at a cost of $1 each (based on availability, quantities are limited
without two weeks’ advance notice—due to delivery schedules).

3. All linens are provided by and commercially cleaned by a contracted linen service.

4. Guests are no longer permitted to bring personal bed or bath linens to Vanderkamp. Observed violations of this policy will result in an unscheduled inspection by our pest control company for pests, parasites, or transmittable diseases. Group will be held financially liable for any charges assessed to Vanderkamp for inspection or treatment. Group’s ability to make future rentals would also be in jeopardy.

Lodge Kitchens & Bath Supplies
1. Vanderkamp provides hand soap, paper towels and toilet paper in all bathrooms/restrooms.

2. All lodge kitchens include: refrigerator, stove (gas or electric), microwave, basic pots & pans, basic cooking utensils, silicone oven mitts, kitchen towels (aka/”bar rags”), and dish strainer.

3. Plates, bowls, glasses, mugs and eating utensils sufficient for the maximum occupancy of the lodge are provided.

4. Vanderkamp does not and cannot provide additional cooking and/or eating items. Please do not take from other lodges as you will negatively impact the next guests’ experience.

5. Vanderkamp does not provide disposable items such as dish soap or coffee filters; nor specialty cooking items such as graters, sifters, or garlic presses, please plan accordingly.

1. Dogs are permitted only with prior approval and not while summer kamps are in session. Proof of current rabies vaccination must be received by Vanderkamp 14 days prior to your arrival. Dogs are permitted indoors only in reserved lodges or meeting spaces so as not to conflict with other guests. Dogs must be leashed outdoors and under the physical control of owners at all times. Only service dogs are permitted in the dining hall during meals due to health department regulations. Others must be supervised in lodges or crated during owner’s absence.

2. Owners are expected to provide their own “poop” bags and are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. If you forgot bags, we will provide to ensure a healthy and clean facility for all guests. Evidence of urination or feces, or the presence of excessive pet hair, indoors may result in additional housekeeping charges.

Additional Charges
1. Groups will be charged for any damages to facilities and/or equipment beyond normal wear and tear and payment is due upon receipt.

2. Groups will be charged for additional diners beyond the contracted number and payment is due prior to departure

3. Groups in observed violation of Vanderkamp’s linen policy will be liable for any charges incurred due to inspection or treatment for pests, parasites, or transmittable diseases. Payment is due upon receipt.

Waterfront Use
1. Swimming is permitted only at the beach area and at times when Vanderkamp lifeguards are on duty. For an additional fee, rental and day-use groups may request the provision of a lifeguard.

2. Canoes, row boats, and kayaks are available seasonally. Use is free with paid lodging rental.

3. Boating must occur under adult supervision.

4. Personal flotation devices (PFDs) must be worn by all boaters.

5. Boaters must sign in/out on the sheet hanging in the waterfront shed.

6. All boats and equipment must be returned to their original positions (e.g., canoes on racks, kayaks neatly stacked,
PFDs and paddles hung in waterfront shed.

7. Motor boats are not permitted. Personal boats (e.g., canoes, kayaks, sailboats) are not permitted.

8. Day users may rent canoes and kayaks at a rate of $5 per day per boat—except during summer kamps.

Trails and Grounds Use
1. Hiking/cross-country ski trails are available for day use and registered guests at no charge.

2. Trail maps and notes about trail conditions can be found on the Day Use table just of the lobby of the Commons.

3. A hiking sign-in/sign-out sheet is located there as well. Staff check this form daily to ensure no guests or day visitors failed to return prior to trail closings after dark. If no vehicle is found matching the license plate number listed, it is presumed the hiker and/or their party have returned and departed. If the vehicle remains, search and rescue procedures will be initiated. Staff will check with groups before initiating search procedures for registered guests.

4. Mountain bikes are permitted on all Vanderkamp trails.

5. Vanderkamp hiking/cross-country ski trails are open from dawn to dusk. Night use without express permission
and/or accompaniment of Vanderkamp staff is prohibited.

Challenge Course
1. For an additional fee, day users and registered guests may contract the services of Vanderkamp approved facilitators for ½ day, full day, or multiple day programs.

2. No one may use any of the challenge course elements without the direct supervision and guidance of a Vanderkamp approved facilitator.

3. Certifications valid on other similar courses do not authorize a person to facilitate on Vanderkamp course.

Downloadable Vanderkamp Group Rental Policies


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