Estimating Camper Retention Benefits

Summer Camp Retention Tool

At Vanderkamp, we are dedicated to helping the camping industry as a whole. We would love to help as many summer camps as possible take a business-minded approach to their wonderful youth programs. With the help of programmer Bill Davis, we have developed a tool for you to help figure out all those tough questions you've always wanted to know: How much will a typical camper be worth to our camp in the long run? What age camper should we market toward? Using this tool should help you answer these questions and help you budget your marketing and programming costs more effectively. Enter the appropriate #s for your camp into the fields, and enjoy! Camper retention % asks: what % of kids that came last year returned this year? Any questions? Contact us. If you like this tool, read our summer camp marketing page for tips on how to use your results!
Fill in the approximate values for your camp, or use the defaults, and click on "Submit"
    Average fee per camper per week: $
    Staff person cost per week: $
    Cost of consumables per camper per week: $
    Current approximate retention rate: %
    Camper-weeks per year:

The following may also be changed:
    Age of youngest campers:
    Age of oldest campers:
    Average # of campers per staff person:

For what this means for your marketing and promotion budget, check out our camp marketing tips page. We are trying to make this tool as accurate and as useful as possible. Please contact us with your results! For an explanation of the calculations and assumptions for this page, and some ideas on how this tool could help you better, Click Here.

DISCLAIMER: It is the responsibility of the user of this tool to understand what it does, and does not do; neither Vanderkamp, nor anyone else, guarantees any inferences drawn from the use of this tool.

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