Summer Kamp 2015


In honor of Vanderkamp’s 50th anniversary the 2015 theme is:


Summer of PL

Update – Vanderkamp’s Summer Kamp registration is now online. Download our soon to be released brochure.


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Packing List

Sessions & Dates

MVLCC  $390 Sunday June 28 – Friday July 3

What is MVLCC?

MVLCC stands for “Mohawk Valley Lutheran Confirmation Camp.”  It’s a cooperative effort of congregations and pastors of the Upstate New York Synod.  We plan it; sponsor it and work together to help one another teach about God’s love to Confirmands.

How does camp work?

You will spend the week gathered with    other youth, pastors and peer leaders (CALLS and LEAD) at Vanderkamp Center by Oneida Lake.  The daily routine includes sports, food, fun, games, study of scripture and great music led by a contemporary worship band.

What’s the theme?

The theme for this year’s camp is Seasons of the Son. Our daily activities will help us learn not just with Bible study but also through readings, skits, crafts, games and music. We will have great music from Tangled Blue.  Check them out at or on Facebook.

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Lutheran Senior High Camp  $350 Sunday June 28 – Friday July 3          

Sr. High camp seeks to walk with, encourage, and guide high school students along their faith journeys in a camp setting. At Sr. High camp, youth who have completed 9th grade, through those who have completed 12th grade, are encouraged to be themselves, grow in their faith, and enjoy all the benefits of summer camp fun. Whether it is hiking, eating, attending a class, or small group time, community is of primary importance.

A Three-Pronged Approach is used to make Sr. High camp a place of community and fun. Campers choose from several workshops throughout the week that are relevant to them. Small groups, or family groups, build relationships and help campers address concerns in their lives as well as learn to work with others. Evening activities combine the best of larger community learning and fun and vary from year to year. We can always promise a Jell-O suck and a senior banquet, however! Campers also have ample opportunity for free time and normal camp activities like hiking, swimming, and boating.

Pastoral staff and lay leadership support the campers throughout the week. The pastoral staff is open and flexible while providing a faith-filled background and the young adult staff members always keep the campers guessing.

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Simply Vanderkamp  $410 per week (ages 7-17)

This is the same Vanderkamp summer program that parents and kampers have come to know and love. Kampers, ages 7 to 17 years, participate together in a variety of activities throughout the day. Kampers choose the activities that interest them. The emphasis of this program is to empower children to learn to be their best selves while growing with God. Swimming, hiking, arts & crafts, night games, kampfires, s’mores and GaGa, these are just some of what occurs during Simply Vanderkamp.  Need a few more reasons to come to kamp? How about singing, archery, sports, boating, and wacky games. The only thing missing is you!

Session 1      Sunday July 5 – Friday July 10

Session 2     Sunday July 12 – Friday July 17

Session 3     Sunday July 19 – Friday July 24

Session 4     Sunday July 26 – Friday July 31

Session 5     Sunday August 2 – Friday August 7

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peak through veil

Sneak-a-Peek $210 per week (ages 7-12 – Limit 6 kampers)

Are you a first time kamper who hasn’t spent time away from home before or you just don’t know if you will like kamp? You can try kamp with our Sneak-a-Peek program for just a couple of nights and then you decide if you would like to stay or not.  If you want to go home, your parents will come pick you up. Just be sure to pack for a full week as most Sneak-a-Peeks want to stay all week because they make so many friends and have so much fun!  Sneak-a-Peek is a 3 day, 2 night experience. If you decide to stay your parents simply pay an additional $205 for the remainder of the week. (Parents—cost includes a nominal administration fee to cover costs of additional processing of registration.)

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Stable Club

Stable Club Horseback Riding $155 per week

Kamper Limits per session: 6 Beginner/Intermediate, 6 Intermediate/Advanced

Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced horseback riding lessons are available for an additional $155 per week (includes $5 administration/transportation fee for VK). Lessons include 2 hours per day of instruction with trainers at North Riding right next door to Vanderkamp and a show at the end of the week.  Beginner/Intermediate lessons may be added to any week of Simply Vanderkamp; Intermediate/Advanced lessons may only be added to Simply Vanderkamp weeks 3-5. Intermediate/Advanced lessons are for those riders who know how to walk, trot, and can perform circles and patterns at a trot and will focus on equitation and horsemanship building up to jumping! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. Sign up today.


Outrageous Week    Sunday August 9 – Friday August 14 (ages 7-17) – $410 per week

This year Outrageous week promises to be so over the top that we are only permitted to offer it once! To outdo this year’s Outrageous kamp we’d have to break the law… the activities, special events, and night games are just that outrageous. We are not able to divulge any details until all kampers are at Vanderkamp. We can tell you that this is a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones while doing things you’ve never done before and may never have the chance to do again. Sign up soon as this kamp is sure to fill up quickly!

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Explorer Kamps (Youth ages 12-17) – $410 per week

This alternative to Simply Vanderkamp including Sports Kamp, Arts & Drama, Outdoor Skills, Farm to Table and Adventure Kamp, offers older kampers, ages 12 to 17 years, opportunities to participate in programming intentionally designed to match their advanced developmental capabilities. You can challenge yourself mentally and physically, pursue your interests more deeply, develop skills in areas important to you, and foster deep and meaningful friendships with your similarly aged peers. These programs offer rite of passage experiences that recognize you are well on the road from childhood to young adult. Though Explorer Kamps are not a prerequisite to LIT programs, it provides an experience in living and bonding with your peers that foreshadows the community created in Vanderkamp’s LIT program.



Sports Kamp     Sunday July 5 – Friday July 10 (Limit 20 kampers)

This week is all about sports! We’ve got game… do you? Bring it on! We’ll focus on sportsmanship and sharpening your skills in a variety of sports while having fun challenging yourself and participating in some friendly individual and team competitions. This promises to be a week full of activity where we will play traditional sports and some not so traditional ones. We will host the Vanderkamp Olympics with a variety of events to meet all talents and interests throughout the week so sign up today!

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 Arts Drama

Arts & Drama     Sunday July 12 – Friday July 17 (Limit 20 kampers)

Are you a budding Picasso, musician, or are you dreaming of your theatrical debut on Broadway? Whether you have a flair for the dramatic, enjoy playing music, or love to create with different mediums like painting, sculpting, or using natural materials, this week is all about exploring your talents and expressing yourself. Will the week culminate in a variety show, art exhibit, play, or something altogether unique? Kampers decide so don’t miss out!

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 Outdoor Skills


Outdoor Skills     Sunday July 19 – Friday July 24 (Limit 20 kampers)

This experience is not about outdoor survival, no eating bugs here. We’re here to have fun and enjoy spending time in the outdoors. We’ll pitch tents, build fires, cook outdoors, learn orienteering, and learn to paddle canoes and kayaks. We’ll learn basic principles of Leave No Trace and how to safely explore the woods and navigate on the water. We will kamp out at least one night… but with 850 acres to explore, who knows what adventures await!

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Farm to Table

Farm to Table     Sunday July 26 – Friday July 31 (Limit 20 kampers)

Ever wonder where your food comes from? Farm to Table Kamp will allow you to spend time on the farm including in the garden learning to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables and caring for our free range chickens.  Learn how you can garden at home even if you live in an apartment. Spend time in our commercial kitchen under the careful instruction of our Kitchen Manager and Cook learning how to create yummy dishes with the seasonal produce and eggs you will collect yourself.

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Adventure Kamp*    Sunday August 2 – Friday August 7 (Limit 15 kampers)

Looking for some adventure this summer?  You’ve come to the right place. We’ll spend some time getting to know each other and learning to work together on the low ropes course.  Then we’ll get up in the air on a couple high elements before learning to belay under the supervision of nationally certified leaders. Once you’ve learned to belay we’ll head out of kamp for an overnight kamping experience with a day of rappelling,  and a day of rock climbing before returning to Vanderkamp. Outdoor Skills Kamp is not a prerequisite but would give inexperienced kampers a leg up on the outdoor kamping portion of this awesome adventure.

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LIT – $305 per week – $610 per two week session

The overall purpose of Vanderkamp’s LIT (Leadership Intensive Training) program is to develop confident, competent Christian leaders by serving others, studying the Bible, participating in worship, and building meaningful relationships. We aim to educate, equip, encourage, and motivate participants to advance their leadership skills so that they may begin to effectively impact others in a positive manner through their relationship with Jesus Christ, whether at home, church, kamp, college, the workplace, or their community as they approach the roles and responsibilities of adulthood.  Although we do not ask for a commitment to return to kamp, Vanderkamp views the LIT/CIT sequence as a valuable training tool to prepare our future staff.

Vanderkamp’s LIT/CIT program sequence is not for everyone. As the name implies, this is an intensive program of personal growth, spiritual growth, leadership skill development, and activity skill development. It is not just the next step in our kamping program, nor is it a series of two-week camps for teens. Being a kamper is great but this experience is different and requires a change in attitude and mindset from Vanderkamper to kamp leader. The LIT sequence is designed to equip participants for Christian leadership in the context of kamp and beyond. We will focus on the biblical view of leadership where God has gifted each of us uniquely and it is our responsibility to identify, hone, and use those gifts in His service.

These programs will challenge and stretch participants in many ways under the guidance of caring leaders including Vanderkamp Chaplains. Even if you’ve never attended kamp before, the LIT program has the potential to profoundly change your life.

Are you up for the challenge?

Note: Due to limited space we cannot accept all LIT applicants. Interested applicants must complete the online application and provide three references who can speak to the LIT applicant’s character, faith, and relevant experiences. Click on links below for a detailed description of each program.

LIT I  Program Description  (Youth 15-17 years old) Sunday July 5 – Friday July 17

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LIT II  Program Description  (Youth 16-17 years old & completed LIT I) Sunday July 19 – Friday July 31

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LIT Special Topic Description (Youth 15-17 years old & completed LIT I) Sunday August 2 – Friday August 7

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* Note these kamps include off site field trip(s)

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