Summer Kamp 2017

Summer Kamp 2017

2017 Summer Kamp Guide is here!

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Registration for Summer Kamp 2017 is now open!

2017 Summer Kamp Lineup

Uniquely Vanderkamp, Sneak-a Peek, Outrageous Week, Stable Club & Friday Night Cookouts Add-Ons

Funding still available to help with cost of kamp and Stable Club. Sign up today!!!

Explorer Kamps (additional program options for youth ages 12-17 years)

Family Kamp” & “Family” Adventure Kamp (You define family: immediate, extended, Vanderkamp…) The only requirement is that minors (not yet 18 years of age) be accompanied by supervising adult.

Prices slashed for youth attending “Family” Kamp!!! Check it out!

LIT/CIT Sequence (Leadership Development for youth ages 15 years and up)

Lutheran Camps – MVLCC and Sr. High Camp 

2017 Sessions & Dates

Lutheran Camps – MVLCC and Sr. High Camp

Sunday June 25 – Friday June 30

Uniquely Vanderkamp – $425/week (open to youth ages 7 – 17 years)

Session 1 Sunday July 9 – Friday July 14

Session 2 Sunday July 23 – Friday July 28

Session 3 Sunday July 30 – Friday August 4

Outrageous Week – $425 (open to youth ages 7 – 17 years)

Sunday August 6 – Friday August 11

Explorer Kamps (open to youth ages 12-17 years)

Arts & Drama Kamp – Sunday July 9- Friday July 14 – $425

Adventure Sampler – Sunday July 16 – Friday July 21 – $460

Kingdom Bound – Tuesday July 25 – Sunday July 30 – $600

Equestrian Kamp – Sunday July 30 – Friday August 4 – $675

“Family” Kamp & “Family” Adventure Kamp 

“Family” Kamp – Friday July 16– Friday July 21 $50/adult person/day (open to all ages)

Youth prices slashed:

Ages 7-12: $30 per day

Ages 6 years & under: FREE!!!

Family Adventure Kamp – Sunday August 13 – Friday August 18 – $TBD

LIT/CIT Sequence 

LIT I – Sunday July 9 – Friday July 21 – $640 (open to youth ages 15 years & up)

LIT II – Sunday July 23 – Friday August 4 – $640 (open to youth ages 16 years & up)

CIT – Sunday July 2 – Friday July 7 – $640 (open to youth ages 17 years & up)

“We Believe!”

Vanderkamp’s 2017 Theme

For many of you, kamp lasts a week. Our goal is to leave you transformed with memories to last a lifetime, taking that sense of kamp, of living in Christian community with your friends with you after Vanderkamp. We all say “I believe…” about many things but how often do we stop to think about what we really believe?

Join us this summer, as we come together in a kamp community built around our common Christian faith. During Bible Exploration (BE), Chapel and Vespers, we will respectfully explore and examine our Christian beliefs in comparison to our friends. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ whether we attend churches at home that are non-denominational, or one of the many denominations including but not limited to Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalian.

At other times, we will let our imaginations run wild! Do you believe in fairies? Are you a super hero? Dare to travel where, “beyond this point there be dragons?” Let’s go!


What are you waiting for? Register today and join us as we explore our beliefs through fun engaging activities.

Discount and Kampership Information

(please fully complete Discount Request form when registering)
All discounts are subject to verification, you will be notified if you are ineligible. Only one discount may be applied (in conjunction with Early Bird if eligible). Any change in registration status that results in kamper no longer being eligible for a discount will result in parent/guardian being responsible for revised payment amount owed.
The 5% Early Bird discount will automatically be applied if payment is made in full by April 29, 2017.
Multiple Session Discount (5% off each session registered for). Eligibility based on same kamper being registered for multiple summer kamp sessions held within the same season.
Note: Youth are considered “enrolled” when they are signed up for a particular camp program or youth retreat. However, they are not “registered” until payment has been processed. This discount pertains to paid registration for multiple sessions minus the amount of requested discounts or kampership assistance NOT to enrollments.

Sibling Discount (5% off each sibling’s registration)

Bring a Friend (5% off each kampers registration). Eligibility requires friend to be a first-time kamper.
(please fully complete Kampership Request form when registering)
To ensure we are able to help as many Vanderkampers as possible with our limited kampership funds the following policies were developed:
1. Kampership funds are available only to cover kamp registration or youth retreat fees. Kampership funds may be used for Uniquely Vanderkamp, Explorer Kamps, LIT/CIT programs, MVLCC, Sr. High Camps and Vanderkamp Youth Retreats (i.e., Fall, New Year’s or Winter–February) .
2. Kampership funds will not be made available to cover the costs associated with program add-ons such as horseback riding unless Vanderkamp’s kampership resources exceed the total amount of assistance requested by families.
3. Kampership funds will not be made available to cover more than one week of kamp per kamper unless Vanderkamp’s kampership resources exceed the total amount of assistance requested by families.
4. Only partial kamperships are available. It is expected that parents/guardians make some financial contribution to their kamper’s registration. Payment plans are available.
5. Kamperships are intended to supplement family contributions and sponsorship by a kamper’s church. Therefore parents/guardians must work with their church prior to requesting a specific sum from Vanderkamp.
6. Vanderkamp will do its best to accommodate all financial need requests but due to limited resources cannot make any guarantees until all applications have been reviewed.

How to Register

  1. Vanderkamp’s registration policies including refunds are included in the process.
  2. Call (315) 675-3651 to speak with our Business Manager if you require assistance. If you forgot your password—DO NOT create another account! We can help you access your account
  3. We can also register your youth for an unlimited number of sessions by phone for an additional one-time administrative fee of $5 per kamper.
  4. Kamper health information is managed online via Camp Doc, a secure web-based system. Within two weeks of registration, parents can expect an email invitation to create an account or update an existing account for their kampers with current information to help us care for your child’s health, safety, and well-being during their stay at kamp.

Early Bird Registration Deadline is Midnight on Saturday, April 29th

Kampers paying their bills in full by this time, shall receive 5% off their Uniquely Vanderkamp, Explorer Kamp, LIT or CIT program registrations. Early Bird Discounts can be combined with other discounts.

 What to Bring & Other Information

2017 What to Bring List for All Summer Programs EXCEPT Outdoor-based Trips: MVLCC; Sr. High Camp; Uniquely Vanderkamp; LIT/CIT Programs; and these Explorer Kamps: Arts & Drama, Equestrian.

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