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Uniquely Vanderkamp: 2018 Sessions

Uniquely Vanderkamp (Ages 8 -14)

♦Maximum Enrollment: 30 kampers per weekly session


Uniquely Vanderkamp combines traditional kamp experiences (archery, arts & crafts, canoeing, nature hikes…) with more modern opportunities (role play games [RPGs], Live Action Role Play [LARP], STEM maker spaces, or culinary arts). Don’t forget Vanderkamp’s exciting all-kamp activities like our unique and captivating evening games! Each day kampers come together in celebration of their Christian faith during morning devotions, Bible study, and evening worship.

NEW for 2018! This year youth will spend more time with friends in their Tribe. Roughly 8 to 10 male and female kampers of similar age will be assigned to each tribe. The use of tribes was inspired by the Twelve Tribes of Israel from the Bible and seemed more appropriate than calling them Cabin Groups–as tribes are co-ed and lodging is not. Kampers will decide upon a name and design for their unique tribal flag, which will be used to identify their “home base,” for example, one of our rustic cabins where they will meet and gather at points throughout the day. Tribes will also proudly carry their flag to gatherings of the entire kamp. Each tribe will kamp out and cook out on a separate night. Do not worry… There are still plenty of opportunities to interact with others at kamp and for your kamper to choose from all their favorite kamp activities.

Youth dare to dream at Vanderkamp! Each week youth submit a dream they would like to realize before kamp ends and our talented and creative LITs, CITs, along with our highly qualified and experienced staff make sure each dream comes true… interpreted within the bounds of reason and safety—of course. Every kamper’s dream “comes true” from the ordinary (“play Gaga”) to the extraordinary (“be an NBA All-Star on Mars” or “ride a unicorn”)!

Themes are back! Exciting themes guide each week of Uniquely Vanderkamp from the epic Adventures in Middle Earth to the science and mystery of Strangest Things, and the physical challenges of becoming a Ninja Warrior. See full program descriptions and links to registration below:


Ninja Warrior (July 1 – 6; Ages 8 – 14)

How can we describe this kamp? Think American Ninja Warrior meets Super Hero Training… on Independence Day!






Youth will train for strength, endurance, and agility on a Ninja line, like those developed for official American Ninja Warrior training, with and without slack lines. No idea what we’re talking about? Here is a picture from B4Adventure’s website of the equipment we will be using:

There will also be plenty of running, jumping, leaping, stretching, throwing, and obstacle course activities… all part of Vanderkamp’s Super Hero Training. We’ll need to keep up our Super Hero strength so there will be plenty of American Super Hero themed foods, beverages, and snacks!

Kampers will fashion their own Super Hero character and costume (or bring from home), create and test their own Super Hero weapons, and develop lots of Super Hero skills before they participate in dramatic battle against evil villains at the end of the week. This week is all about our finding and releasing our inner Super Hero…

Of course there will be a patriotic celebration for the 4th of July too! This week we are all TEAM USA!!!

God Bless America!

Note: Be advised this kamp may not be appropriate for all kampers. It is very noisy, high energy, high intensity with a lot of physical activity and time spent outdoors throughout the entire week. Parents should contact Vanderkamp BEFORE registering if you have questions.


Adventures in Middle Earth (July 15 -20; Ages 8 – 14)


“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” J.R.R. Tolkien


We will spend much of our week of learning and honing all the outdoor skills necessary for young adventurers setting out on an epic quest with plenty of hiking, canoeing, archery and more.

There will also be plenty of drama! Kampers will develop characters and design costumes for Middle Earth role play games (RPGs), live action role play evening games (LARP), and an EPIC all-kamp adventure at the end of the week.


We’ll enjoy feasting on Middle Earth inspired food and drinks. Some days we’ll eat like Hobbits… second breakfast anyone? Other days we’ll carry Lembas bread like the elves for an afternoon snack.


Did you realize that J.R.R. Tolkien was a Christian who spoke openly of how his faith influenced the writing of The Hobbit and the Lord of the Ring trilogy? Next to the Bible, the Lord of the Rings has been named the most popular book of the 20th century. We will explore Christian themes found in these stories. As Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware state in their book, Finding God in the Lord of the Rings, “…the transcendent truths of Christianity bubble up throughout this story, baptizing our imaginations with realities better experienced than studied.”

What a great way for youth, especially those who twitch, wiggle, and fidget in a Sunday School or Church setting; to learn more about, live, and embrace their faith through fantasy and role playing! “Not all who wander are lost…”



Note: Be advised this kamp may not be appropriate for all kampers. It involves spending a lot of time outdoors with a lot of physical activity. Parents should contact Vanderkamp BEFORE registering if you have questions.


Strangest Things (July 29 – August 3; Ages 8 – 14)

Yes… this kamp was inspired by the popular Netflix series of a VERY similar name. Here’s a YouTube clip if you’re not familiar with the show:

Stranger Things Trailer

For those of you not familiar with the story line, think Clue meets Weird Science meets The Goonies.  This would be an excellent week for kampers to bring their bicycles! Be sure to send their helmet too… Rule number one of any epic quest to save the day is… safety first! There will be at least one great mystery to solve throughout the week… and many smaller ones along the way… some will provide clues… while others deceive and lead to dead ends.

This is an excellent kamp for geeks and freaks… unite! There will be plenty of science and STEM activities throughout the week… again, some that may provide valuable clues or rewards… but mostly of the weird and wonderful variety. Like the young characters in the show, we will play role play games (RPGs) like Dungeons and Dragons.


A distinctive feature of this kamp is that we will shift our daily schedule so that we can stay up later playing games after dark almost every night! Our usual evening games will become night games that will leave kampers glowing with happiness and amazement.


In the television series, it is never clear where the unusual creatures come from. So, this week we’re leaving it wide open… who knows what strange and fascinating characters we’ll encounter… zombies, aliens, monsters… oh, my! We’ll eat weird foods and some common ones from the television series… Eggos or chocolate pudding anyone?!


We’ll also look at scary, gross, or weird stories from the Bible! A woman turned to salt, possessed pigs, a talking donkey, water turned to blood…


Note: Be aware this kamp may not be appropriate for all youth. We will be staying up and active every night… as late as 10 to 11 pm. (We will sleep late in the morning to adjust–but some youth may not adapt well to such a dramatic schedule shift.) Youth who are easily frightened or afraid of the dark will want to look at a different kamp session given the theme of the week and incorporation of potentially scary fantasy characters. Parents should contact Vanderkamp BEFORE registering if you have questions.


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